We offer a broad array of CBD products to address well-being and pain management. 

Many of the compounds in CBD interact closely with our body's natural chemicals. CBD brings those chemicals, which at times can be out of balance, back in balance. 

We use Co2 Extraction and offer ZERO THC and Full Spectrum "Entourage Effect" range of products.

All of our products are third party tested with results provided on the product page. 

The many benefits of using cbd

For Your Mind                                                   For Your Body 

Anxiety                                                               Pain relief and inflammation 

Depression                                                        Relieves nausea

Panic Disorder                                                  Reduce Acne


Even your pets stand to benefit from CBD!

Helps with joints                Reduce Anxiety       

Fights Arthritis                    Relieve Pain    

Stimulate Appetite             Reduce inflamation 


Blog posts

New to CBD? Try the Halcyon Leaf CBD Starter Pack.

Are you unsure of what CBD product is right for you? Try our Halcyon Leaf CBD Starter Package.

Recent developments: CBD oil for epilepsy

In June 2018, the FDA approved the use of CBD to treat two types of epilepsy. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, writing for the F...
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